Stop Doing These 3 Things And You’ll Be Better For It

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Author: Emma Grace Brown

We often think about the things we should do, such as eat right, socialize, and exercise. But, we rarely consider things we should not do, like passively neglecting our health and suffering undue emotional strain. Sometimes, not doing something is the best way to steer ourselves toward more positive behaviors. Here are three things you need to let go of today.


Not paying attention to nutrition.

Sure, you eat your vegetables, snack on fruit instead of candy, and you only order salads when you hit the fast-food drive-through. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, this almost certainly isn’t giving your body all of the nutrients it needs to be healthy in the long term.

Soil depletion is one culprit; Scientific American explains that produce grown today has fewer nutrients than food enjoyed by our parents and grandparents. Another issue is that Americans tend to center their meals around meat and bread instead of using healthier fare as the main course.

Even if you eat well, it’s best not to skip out on taking a multivitamin. Not only will the right supplement fill nutritional gaps, but the right formula will also improve your gut health and boost your energy output. One sure sign that you have chosen the right multivitamin is that your skin and hair will be soft, shiny, and more supple than ever.


Worrying over things you can’t change.

While it’s true that there are many things in your life you can change, including how you react to negative situations and which type of shoes you’re going to wear tomorrow morning, there are also things you can’t. Unfortunately, as SkillsYouNeed explains, it is the latter of these that tend to put us under the most stress. And stress is about the worst thing you can carry around with you.

If you currently sit around biting your nails at such uncontrollables as the weather, you are only cluttering up your mind with things you can’t change, no matter how hard you try. Quit focusing your energy on these concerns, and do things that affect you in a positive way. You might, for example, carry an umbrella and a tub of salt in your car in case of inclement weather. While you can’t change what Mother Nature has in store, you can prepare for it, and that can ease your anxiety.


Avoiding the tough talks.

There are many uncomfortable subjects that we would much rather avoid. For instance, talking about sex with your teenager or about your own inevitable death aren’t exactly dinnertime conversations. But they are important, and issues such as these have to be addressed. Think about it this way, you don’t want to send your child out into the world without an understanding of the human body. Talking to your teenager about sex can empower them to make better decisions about their body and their overall health as they mature

The topic of death is something else you can’t, or at least should not avoid. If you ever planned a parent or sibling’s funeral, you already know the emotional toll it can take. You can save your own family from a considerable amount of grief by investing your time, energy, and money into creating a will and a prearranged and pre-paid funeral plan. Being proactive eliminates that burden from loved ones, and you can let them know what arrangements you have established.

The point is that by knowing areas that truly need attention, you can stop neglecting them. By doing things such as improving your nutritional intake, letting go of things you cannot change, and having the courage to tackle the tough topics, you will be a better person. You will have more control over your health, your environment, and your emotional state.



Image via Pexels