Business Owner Burnout Signs

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June 30, 2022
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November 8, 2022
Transparency in Coverage Rule Link
June 30, 2022
New Patient Portal, NextGen, Coming November 21, 2022!
November 8, 2022

9 Signs You’re Headed Toward Business Owner Burnout (And What to Do About It)

You started a business to create the life you always wanted. Yet lately, the excitement that led you to entrepreneurship has been replaced by exhaustion.

Does this sound familiar? So many entrepreneurs set out to take control of their future only to end up overworked, overwhelmed, and emotionally drained.

Why do some business owners burn out while others persevere? According to research, it’s all about your mindset. Burnout is inevitable when your life and identity revolve around work. However, you can’t build a sustainable business without taking care of yourself first. To help you get on the right track, CFG Health Network shares the following insight.


9 signs you’re on the verge of burnout

What does burnout look like? These are nine warning signs of business owner burnout:

  • You’re exhausted — all the time.
  • Your to-do list fills you with dread.
  • You feel cynical and disillusioned.
  • Professional relationships are falling apart.
  • Organizing your thoughts seems impossible.
  • Your productivity is dropping despite working long hours.
  • You’re having trouble sleeping or developing stomach problems.
  • Bad habits and vices are taking over.
  • You daydream about leaving it all behind.

How to shift your mindset to avoid burnout

If burnout is knocking at your door, what can you do?

Stop the hustle mentality

Working around the clock isn’t sustainable. It’s not very productive either. You’ll accomplish more and be more present with strong boundaries around your work and home life.

Unplug after hours, enjoy your weekends off, and go on vacation. It’s also important to take breaks during the workday to counteract the stress that otherwise accumulates. Outfit your home for maximum wellbeing, make time to eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch and take regular activity breaks for walking and stretching.

Speaking of activity, a regular exercise routine should be a part of your day-to-day life. Physical activity is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your overall wellbeing. It relieves stress, helps you sleep better and keeps you healthy. You don’t have to go to a gym either. Take advantage of on-demand workouts from the comfort of your living room.


Learn to delegate

Unplugging is easier when you learn to delegate. Delegating may require more effort initially as you train, follow up, and give feedback but over time you’ll gain freedom and efficiency.

Focus on hiring the talent that gives you the most time and freedom on a daily basis. If you’re an owner-operator, that’s probably a virtual assistant for administrative work, customer service, and basic bookkeeping. Because virtual assistants work remotely, you don’t have to worry about office space. Next is usually marketing and sales. Which to invest in first used to be a tough decision, but sales and marketing technologies make it possible to do both.


Create a financial plan

Stop letting the stress of financial uncertainty occupy your mind. Adopt accounting software and learn how to monitor financial data like cash flow and accounts receivable turnover so you can start building a sound financial strategy. An integrated bookkeeping system can help you gain back lots of lost time, as well. Repetitive tasks that used to take hours can be automated to finish in minutes. And your software can be tailored to your needs, ensuring you aren’t paying for what you don’t use while being capable of growing with your business.


Release limiting beliefs

It’s not just the stress of running a business that leads to burnout. Many entrepreneurs are hindered by their own limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs lead to feelings of fear, inadequacy, and may result in setting yourself up for failure.

Limiting beliefs are hard to recognize in yourself. When you’ve been in a negative mindset for so long, limiting beliefs start to look like self-evident truths. Combat this by looking for ways to reframe your perspective. You can do this by increasing your self-awareness, trying daily affirmations, focusing on what you’re grateful for and forcing yourself to laugh or smile, particularly in the face of adversity.


Maintain perspective

Despite your best efforts, your business may fail. That doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Maintain perspective through the ups and downs of business ownership and remember that this is just one of many paths to fulfillment. Nurture your health and well-being with the same passion you dedicate to your business and invest energy in interests and relationships separate from entrepreneurship. Businesses come and go, but the life and mindset you cultivate will stay with you through all of life’s challenges.



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