Social Work Internship Program

CFG offers social work internships which assist in bridging the gap between the classroom and the clinical area where social work is practiced. We partner with various Colleges and Universities to offer diverse opportunities to prepare the student and obtain hands-on experience.


CFG social work internships are designed for university students seeking a real-world service experience. As a CFG intern, you’ll become part of a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who provide unique opportunities to learn, explore, understand, and change critical social issues impacting communities.

Social work interns work under close supervision of on-site professionals in the agencies where they are placed. Interns also receive ongoing guidance and support from off-site educators who supervise their field placements. During a social work practicum or internship, students observe and assist professional social workers. They learn to apply their academic training to the real world as they observe trained professionals and practice skills.

Interns have little discretion, but they do act independently for some tasks. They may assess client needs and help them obtain needed resources. In a school setting, for example, an intern might work with a group of students on identified skills or help the school social worker find resources for families. A clinical social work intern may provide counseling to clients, collect medical histories, and help maintain client records.

The student understands the objectives and learning outcomes of the course. In addition to course objectives, students write their own learning objectives for clinical time. The student looks for opportunities to learn and recognizes the wealth of information available on the clinical area. The student comes prepared for each day, and dresses and acts in a professional manner. The student requests assistance from the team as needed and asks for feedback.

Please contact if you are interested in participating in our Social Work Internship Program.