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Healthy Living for Mind and Body by CFG

Center for Family Guidance (CFG), PC, located in Marlton, New Jersey, has long been known as a quality behavioral health organization that compassionately supports health and well-being across the continuum of care. Recognizing the changing landscapes and being an innovative pioneer is what sets CFG apart from other organizations. To remain proactive for CFG's patients and with a strong affirmation that body and mind are inherently connected, CFG is proud to bring 'Healthy Living for Mind and Body by CFG' to market!

Healthy Living for Mind and Body by CFG is a wellness center embedded within our three outpatient offices conveniently located in Marlton, Westampton and West Deptford. Offering nutritionist consults, therapy groups, yoga groups with an RYT200 accredited clinician and more to come. Healthy Living for Mind and Body by CFG promises to be a premier wellness center in our communities.

Below you will find the current group offerings; please click on the pictures to print, save or zoom in! If you have questions or require additional information about the group, please call us at the number on the bottom of the flyer.

Marlton Outpatient Office

Westampton Outpatient Office

West Deptford Outpatient Office